Salam / Hello

My name is hashmat saidi and I am from Afghanistan. I am studying bachelor of business at Unitec Majoring in Marketing. As my studies coming to the end, I am really excited to explore my marking knowledge in dairy industry.

As marketing student and having IT experience adds value into my marketing field and it also distinguishes my skills from other students at Unitec Campus. My experience in IT adds more value into my career because marketing filed is connected more with computers either its advertising or office work.

My qualification is very important aspect in my life. My parents is very proud of me that I am completing my degree this year. To get this qualification I have struggle a lot in my personal life. Being student and at same time looking after big family is very hard for normal students. But because I have confidence and passion, I am at stage of success.

A Full time student and unemployment person I still look after my family, I genuinely and shamelessly take credit for. I have also send my parents for vacation back to Afghanistan which I can shamelessly take credit for.

I want to be known as honest and moral type of person in work place and in my personal life. Because I believe being honest you gain people trust which is very important in work place and in your life.