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Tips for “call to action” content if you want your readers to take action

Creating effective content for your blog or other social media website is not enough these days. Dairy industry need to lead more into their site and get them in their mailing list, in order to be maximize their sales in food industry. In this article by Pawel Grabowski talk about the 10 call to action if you want your reader to take action. It doesn’t matter how good your web content is, 50% people who visit your site for the first time will leave and never come back, if you don’t have call to action content in your web site. The Dairy industry need follow the following tactic “Call to Action” content, in order to convert their visitor to conversion.

  1. Opinion posts

The will help your reader to share and engage in the feedback that they get and it helps to build a strong personal connection with your reader. Sometime reader needs to come out from their comfort zone to share their opinion and how they feel about products. This will help the dairy industry to get more insight from their target audience.

2.  How to Guide

The   “how to” guide tap, will help to attract new customers because most people know the problem but they still insist to try and fix it themselves. For example, for Dairy industry they can navigate people “How to find particular products in different places

3. eBooks


eBooks are the most popular guide in today digital world to provide company information in just one single tap. It cantinas audio, video and animation which enhance the company message that company want to convey. It also easy to use and encourage people for sign up.

4. Whitepapers



Dairy industry can create whitepapers to educate their customers on particular issue and highlights product feature. It also help company to target customers who are deep in buying process typically at the evaluation stage




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How to get more likes on your Social Media website

I am sure every organisation want to know how to spread their company message about their new products or service and how do I get more likes their posts and content. For Dairy industry its great opportunity to connect with their target market through social media and get more followers, in order sell their products. In this Article by Dominique Jackson talk about how company or individual can get more likes on their posts and contents.

Ask people to like your posts

facebook-like-2Asking politely People to “please like and Share” your social media website like Facebook page, Instagram post YouTube Channel, can help diary industry to engage with new customers and you can easily spread your company message

Posting at the right time

It is important that your posts has been seen by your followers in order to build a buzz about your products. So how do you know what is the right time for posting? This chart shows that most people who check their Facebook. Twitter and LinkedIn in a different time.


Use #Hashtags    


Dairy Industry can use their tagline for example #”Milk Life” in all their social media website like Twitter, Google+  to connect directly with their target market. By doing this, their consumers will know their brand hashtags and will use it to engage with Daisy Industry community.

Ask Questions

For dairy industry to get more followers and build buzz around their social media website, it’s good idea to ask questions at end of their posts. Asking questions in every post help you to get more likes and increase engagement. A questions Like “Tell me more about your experience with this product” reply with their answers.

Post Amazing Content in your post


A great content creates more buzz in social media website and draw more customers to your website. If you post boring contents or images you sharing on Facebook and Instagram are simple and boring, you will not get as money likes as you, it doesn’t matter what time of the day you post them or which hashtags you use.

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