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Best way to keep up with Your Competitors on Social Medi


Way a businesses have to pay for expensive advertisement when you can do it for free. Yes that’s right there is a free advertisement tools that firm can use to advertise and keep up with their competitors. If Dairy industry want know what’s going in their competitors industry or want keep eye on their competitors industry, the effective ways is through a social media. In this article by Anna Gotter talk about how social can be beneficial for industry to track down their competitors.

It’s important for any industry to track competitors on social media because they can easily and quickly get the insight of their competitors industry. And they can do that by liking and following their competitors in different social media website for example Facebook, Twitter and Google+ , you can see what your content they are putting out and how they’re doing it right now. You can also find out that your competitors might have different angle or perspective on things than you do.


Tracking your competitors through social media can also help the dairy industry to monitor what’s going in your own industry. For example if there is anything big or more important in their industry than they will definitely share in social media. And from that you can get the information that you need all in one timeline. You can also track how your competitors doing with their customer base and what content they are putting up in social media which makes their followers respond to.


In order for Dairy Industry to increase their sales, they need to follow their fans or consumers in their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page and subscribes them in social media page.

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