Mobile Marketing (B2B)

Mobile Marketing is fastest growing channel for B2B marketers because mobile provide different type of challenges and opportunities, for example: Apps, Email and mobile friendly website helps companies like Dairy industry to stay up date with important new marketing arena.

In this Article by Lee Odden talk about, how B2B companies using different mobile marketing features to increase their sales. Smart phones is most used devices for accessing the internet today compare to desktop or laptop. And its good opportunity for dairy industry take advantages of Mobile marking to increase their profit. Following are Mobile Feature that dairy industry can use to sell their products:

Mobile video


For Dairy industry like Fonterra, this is great opportunity to create video content that can easily be use or shared on Mobile Devices. Most industry make their industry video which is only supported by desktop or laptop. Dairy industry need to make sure B2B video is content is available for mobile devices. This will help dairy industry to improve their skill to attract, convert more leads and increase revenue.

Mobile Magazine access


FedEx launches mobile magazine app which provides different features designed especially for tablets and Android smartphones, including videos and dynamic slideshows. This will help the Dairy industry to deliver their message to people around the world. Mobile magazine is easy to create and when user read interesting magazine especially related with dairy industry, then he or she spreads your products information on their social website or with others.

For more information regarding Mobile Marketing please click on the link bellow.

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  3. Digital Magazine ( e-book) 

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