Inexpensive way to reach out your target customer ( Facebook advert relevance score)

As we know More than Billion people use Facebook for their own purpose and to connect with friends and family. Most people use Facebook once a day and get entertain by different kind of stuff like Video clips, funny Photos and sometime “Facebook advertising”.

Fonterra should apply the 4 strategies to improve their Facebook ads relevance score. This article by Massimo Chieruzzi provides brief description of how business can target their target customers through metric score scale of 1 to 10 rates technique and how it relevant to your target customers.

The feedback from ad viewers in Facebook advert will show score on a scale from 1 to 10, and number 10 is the highest number on scale. The positive and negative ad feedback feature is very important in Relevance Score equation. Which has connections with video viewers, conversions and other features. When someone hide or report your ad in Facebook then your Relevance Score will show.

This not only help business to target their customers but also show how your target customers considering your ads and how they engaging, rating your products ads.  Here is some example:

2/10                                                        5/10                                         8/10

1        1 1

I think it’s the most effective and inexpensive way to reach out to your target audience. Because its show which ads is more relevant to your target customers and determine which products, video clip, images and message is more important to them.

Most company spends a lot of money on advertising to identify who’s going to buy their products most Men or Female. But this Facebook advert relevance score technique do all for you with no cost effect.


The top chart shows relevance and engagement of target customers where they can share and like your post. This will help Fonterra company to target their customers by their age and status. When people like something they prefer other to watch it or share on Facebook which I think is best way to reach out their target customers.

For more information regarding advert relevance score please click on the link bellow.

  1. Positive and negative feedback (advert relevance score)
  2. New Facebook ad
  3. Improve your ad strategy with Facebook relevance score

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